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Vicki Fox

Vicki's Top 21 (LPs and Songs)

2. I'll Go Crazy - JAMES BROWN
4. Live Injection - UPSETTERS
5. You'll Be Mine - HOWLIN' WOLF
6. Mellow Down Easy - LITTLE WALTER
7. Germ Free Adolescent - X-RAY SPEX
8. 2120 South Michigan Avenue - ROLLING STONES
9. Search And Destroy - IGGY & THE STOOGES
10. Little Boy Blue - BOBBY BLUE BLAND
11. Counting - Bob Lind
12. Nobody Knows What's Going On In My Mind But Me- THE CHIFFONS
13. Come on Home - Louis 'Blues Boy' Jones
14. Tijuana - LINK WRAY
15. Sweet & Dandy - TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS
16. The Witch - THE SONICS
17. She Does It Right - Dr. FEELGOOD
18. Mr. Pharmacist - THE OTHER HALF
19. Sittin' On My Sofa - THE KINKS
20. Drunken Maria - THE MONKS
21. Happiness is A Warm Gun - BEATLES

I've been involved with Ace since the early days, when it grooved along upstairs from Rock On in Camden Town. I'd come straight from Southend, a staunch Dr Feelgood fan and worked for many years in the record shop and the stall off  Portobello Rd with Ted Carroll, soaking up 1960s music – early R&B, British beat, US garage punk and reggae. 

Dingwall's dancehall and lock market were taking off big time and they were only a stone's throw away so we loved selecting records for DJs like Boss Goodman and the jukebox in (then biker pub) the Hawley Arms as well as the visiting American musicians. It was I who painted the record label mural on the wall of Buck Street, mentioned in Nick Hornby's hit book 'Hi Fidelity', even though he assumed it was a guy. 

After a period archiving for Island Records in St Peter's Square, under the guidance of Rob Partridge, I met Adrian Boot, famed punk & reggae photographer for the NME and became his assistant. He taught me darkroom printing and photoshop retouching before it swept the world and I worked with him on his Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix exhibitions.

Now back with the old gang at Ace, I'm keeping the scanner hot with memorabilia for our quality product, but mainly I retouch old photos, often re-constructing or colouring them and designed the Kent singles label & bag. In the warehouse is my huge painted collage of Ace-related labels and  'Feline Groovy'  is my catty contribution to the catalogue!

In between all this, I fronted the trashy girl band 'Girls On Top', wrote a few classy tunes and toured England, France and New York. See on this page a link to our single & video for  'Schizo Pogo' (available from Ace on Chiku Taku)