John Hammond

Born in 1942, the son of the famed record producer and talent spotter, John Hammond Jr dropped out of college to follow a music career. After a spell in Los Angeles, he became part of the early 60s Greenwich Village scene, linking with Vanguard Records for his debut album in 1964. The pattern he was to follow was set with this album, which mixed blues standards and more contemporary material. He stayed with Vanguard for five albums, leaving in 1965 and recording for a variety of labels, eventually happily returning to Vanguard for his fine “Solo” album in 1976. Along the way he met and played with Clapton, Hendrix and the Band, recommending the latter to Bob Dylan. He won a Grammy for his score for the film Little Big Man and has maintained a successful career into this century, with a long run of albums to his credit.

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