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Ace Singles Club

This month we're proud to announce two more releases in the ‘Ace Singles Club’, a series of vinyl 7’s that will be pressed in highly limited quantities and that will only ever be available directly from our site. These fine looking and fine sounding forty fives are manufactured to look like The Real Thing – that’s to say, we’re using the original label designs that these singles would have had, if they had originally been released as singles…

…and there’s the deal clincher, folks – all of the singles in this series will contain material that was either 100% unreleased originally, or not originally released in the version featured on the SOTM release!
So far we’ve issued three corkers:
GEORGE JACKSON – Victim Of A Foolish Heart (NW 501)
THE SEEDS – Pushin’ Too Hard (Longer, Unedited version) (NW 502)
DAN PENN – Keep On Talking (the original version - same backing track as James Barnett!)/Up Tight Good Woman (NW 503)
Once they are sold out there will be no re-presses, and none of the singles will be reissued as “regular” Ace, Kent or Big Beat 45s at a future date. When they’re gone, they’re gone, as they say – so call or e-mail us at Ace to get your copies today!)

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