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Holiday Opening Times

Please note we will be closed for Christmas between the 22nd of December and January 2nd 2013. Our online shop will stay open over the Christmas period. All orders will be processed when we get back on January 2nd 2013.

Season's greetings from all at Ace


Selected releases

  • 1968 was a very busy year for John Fahey, aka Blind Thomas, aka Blind Joe Death. He had already recorded and released two albums, his 8th and 9th volumes of solo guitar compositions. In the spring came The Yellow Princess with its new found confidence, delicate reworkings of complicated classical themes, and the noise collage: "The Singing Bridge Of Tennessee", which was followed closely by "The Voice Of The Turtle", a spellbinding collection that reportedly cost 15 cents more to manufacture the robust gatefold sleeve and book than they were charging.  Fahey then had an idea. "I was in the back of a record store in July and I saw all these cartons of Bing Crosby's White Christmas albums. The clerk said it always sells out. So I got the idea to do a Christmas album that would sell every year."

  • It’s not enough to compile a damned Christmas album in the 100 degree temperatures of a Los Angeles summer but now that Ted Carroll is busting my balls for an article for some magazine he runs, and its part of the original deal from 1999…... he says.

  • Doyenne of the 60s folk scene with a superb selection of Christmas songs from the French, English, Catalan, German and Welsh traditions - a world festivity.