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  • Kent Records

    Got every Kent CD and vinyl compilation? Bought every TOWN and CITY single? Still need more Kent-themed thangz? Why not stomp yourself silly in this groovalicious garment, designed especially For Dancers Only and For Dancers Also!

    Be the envy of your friends as you take to the floor in tribute to your favourite soul reissue label. We can’t guarantee that it’ll improve your dancing, but we DO guarantee you’ll look the business…

  • Music City

    The late Ray Dobard’s legendary Bay Area store and 1950s label logo looks as cool as its 45s and 78s on a top notch T that goes down as tastily as a gallon of “W-P-L-J”…

    Available in pretty much any size you want - if we ain’t got it, we’ll go out and get it!  

  • Meteor Records

    Stand out from the rockin’ crowd with a cool T that celebrates Modern Records’ short-lived mid 50s Memphis outpost. No “Raw Deals” here – “We Believe” you’ll look anything but a right “Charlie” in one of these so “Get With It” and get one now! Sizes available to suit even to most expansive rocka-belly…

  • Money Records

    You'll look "right on the Money" in this spiffing T, which features the logo of one of the most collectable labels in West Coast 60s Soul, and the recording home of such revered acts as the Larks and Bettye Swann. Available in sizes to suit all shapes...

    ...Why not "Make It Yours"?

  • Pull Records

    For those who might think a “Flash” shirt is too mainstream, here’s an arresting T featuring the straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense logo of that 50s Hollywood label’s rare subsidiary. Ace’s ‘no shrink’ guarantee means that there’s enough room in these babies to cover the most king-sized torso!

    Get your shirt, you’ve “Pull”-ed…

  • Rhythm and Blues Records

    Get rhythm when you get the blues! Celebrate this incredibly short-lived early 1950s subsidiary of Modern with a shirt that nails its mission statement to any wall. If a T-shirt came in a tin this one would be the attire equivalent of Ronseal. “Big Ten Inch Record”- style sizes available to accommodate even the biggest calorie collectors…

  • Rock On

    “Teddy Boy, he’s got them all…”

    Who wouldn’t want to be seen dead or alive in this hitbound salute to the UK’s greatest ever oldies emporium? The Camden premises may have gone, but you can still “Rock On” in fine style when you don this groovy garment.

    Iconic shop, iconic shirt – wear yours with pride, whatever size you buy!

  • Sho-Biz Corp

    Show your admiration for a little early 60s New Orleans R&B label with a lotta good tunes by investing in a T which celebrates its brief life with its eye-catching logo! 
    As colourful and contagious as the Crescent City itself, and available in sizes that will allow everyone to “laissez les bon temps rouler”, no matter how “gras” they might be these days…

  • Topper Music Corp

    “Happiness Is Here” for fans of Dave Hamilton’s acclaimed 60s Detroit soul label and its cherished roster of Northern Soul favourites. We’re not “Trying To Fool” anybody here - you’ll look great in one of these whether you take a “Little” Ann or “O/S” Tolbert size...

     “What Should I Do”? Why, buy one immediately of course!  

  • Chiswick Records

    As the foundation label of the whole Ace empire, it’s only fair that Chiswick Records gets to take its place in our luxurious clothing collection. Put yourself in the Driver’s Seat and look more Damned elegant than any of the local Riff Raff when you wear yours to the pub…

    What sizes do we got? What sizes do you want? 

  • Combo Records

    Central Rocks! Everything will be Jake if you wear one of these to your next Pachuko Hop.

    One ofLos Angeles’ most important sources of 50s rhythm & blues comes alive in this snazzy, logo-sporting tee – available in your size and a choice of early Combo red or later Combo mauve, depending on your preferred era.

    Oh Mr. Porter, what shall I do? “Buy a Combo t-shirt, son – in fact, why not buy two?”


  • Crown Records

    And here’s the other one. Simple and effective, like Crown albums themselves used to be, and designed to please all those who like to wear their wardrobe in a more modest manner. Comes with the regal endorsement of Sir Lord Ted, first Earl of Spalding, and we can’t say fairer than that…

    …and guess what? We’ve got it in just your size! Suits you, sir…

  • BGP Records

    First the Beat Went Public, now it’s the shirt’s turn. Our universally loved imprint for all things jazz-related carries the kind of logo that only the coolest T-shirts were born to sport. If you live at the funkier end of our musical solar system you’ll double dig this hip-tastic garb, and we don’t mean maybe, baby.

    Cover yourself in groovaciousness for the price of a few cappucinos. And we got your all sizes right here…

  • Crown Records

    You don’t have to be a king to wear a Crown! Rule your roost in this super high fidelity tee, which features a regal replication of one of two legendary logos indelibly associated with Modern’s renowned reduced-price, long playing imprint. We can’t sell’ em for 99 cents plus tax like Crown albums used to go for, but we do guarantee fantastic value for money nonetheless!

    All sizes available and any colour you like within reason….

  • Big Beat Records

    …And the Beats just keep on comin! A further variant on Ace’s rock ‘n’ psych imprint’s well regarded logo for those who like to buy things in threes.

    Not Meaty or Bouncy but certainly Big and Beaty, we don’t guarantee that this cool tee will improve your love life but it will definitely enhance your standing with any of your neighbours who happen to like the Standells and the Chocolate Watch Band.

    Available in both Big Beat and Little Beat sizes – at a price that truly can’t be beat!

  • Golden State Recorders

    “Haight” your current collection of casual wear? You’ll feel groovy and look simply Alcatraz-tic in our other Golden State tee, showing Leo Kulka’s studio logo in all its 60s finery.

    One of these babies will make you look so far out you’re in, man (or woman – we are an equal opportunities vendor). Lay your bread on us today, and wait for the magic to happen, in a size to suit you.

  • Cash Records

    If you’ve already invested in our Money tee, why not splash more Cash on a shirt that celebrates the late John Dolphin’s other important 50s imprint? You’ll look the business in one of these, and we sure ain’t Jivin’ Around when we say that.

    Available in every size from Huggy Boy to Big Boy Groves – we wouldn’t put The Shuck on you.


  • Ace Records

    Ace by name, ace by nature. Your favourite logo of your favourite reissue label is now forever immortalised on a suitably fab tee.

    Designed to look and feel good on Ace faces of all ages, no matter what shape their stomachs are in. If you don’t like it in red, we’ll do it in any colour and size that makes you feel comfortable!

  • Ten Star Records

    A great looking tee, honouring a littleL.A.label with a big reputation among 60s soul lovers. Score a T.K.O. over everyone you know, by being among the first to buy one.

    Sizes to suit Fat Men, Showmen, and everyone else in between. Why not ‘Charge’ one to your flexible friend today?

  • 6Ts Rhythm & Soul Society

    The longest-running soul club in the world, here celebrated in a most definitely non-running tee, made to last as almost as many years as Mr. Croasdell’s all-nighters have done.

    Unlike the Impressions we don’t offer a Choice Of Colours - but we do have sizes to suit all age groups, from Twen-Ts upwards.

  • A Square Records

    Why be L 7 when you can be A Square?

    The Motor City’s major source for all things 60s garage gets its props on this uptight ‘n’ outa sight tee. To purchase one - in any of our wide range of sizes – would be considered completely Rational behaviour.

    Go on, you know you can af-Ford it…

  • Modern Records

    One of the most famous logos in the entire history of rhythm & blues, home to Hogg, Hooker, Hopkins, Hadda and hundreds of other R&B icons. The quality of the label’s output Brooks no argument, and nor does the quality of this thoroughly Modern tee.

    Always available in your size and the label’s famous and familiar red but if you want to have it your way, we’ll make it your way. Bi-hurry up and buy yours now!  

  • Modern Music

    Welcome to the Modern world. The brothers Bihari’s original label design is not as familiar as its iconic later variant, but it’s every bit as striking and possibly even hipper.

    Boogie on over to the ‘buy’ button and get one while they’re cool. Whatever size you need, we have it. 

  • Big Beat

    …Let’s talk about tees. Ace’s revered rock’n’psych label logo in a ‘Decca’-style box that looks good on groovy guys and girls all over the place.

    It’s a happening shirt, available in a range of sizes to fit Beaters Big or Small!

  • Big Beat International

    The Big Beat keeps you rockin’ on your street. Or Rue, Via, Strasse, Straat, Weg or the same thing by any other name in this special pan-global edition of our rock ‘n’ psych label’s logo shirt.

    You’ll look like the ginchiest fraulein, monsieur, herr or mademoiselle in your town when you’re garbed in one of these. All sizes available, and you can pay in Euros… 

  • Sensation Records

    Be the Sensation of your neighbourhood when you sport your very own personal tribute to this pioneering Detroit label. Huckle up in the original colours (or as near as we could get to them!) of Bernie Besman’s label – the first recording home of John Lee Hooker and other notable Motor City hopefuls…

    …and we sell ‘em in sizes to suit everybody!

  • Nuggets from the Golden State

    Are you going to San Francisco? Be sure to wear – no, not some flowers in your hair but, rather, this super-cool celebration of Leo Kulka’s significant Bay Area studio and the legendary music recorded there.

    Available in colours and sizes to please the enlightened mind and midriff – although we do tend to draw the line at tie-dye these days…

  • Smash It Up Single

    …And Now We’re Gonna Dance To A Different Shirt. Ace’s sister label Chiswick’s greatest hit, immortalised on a nifty tee from now until forever – Rat on!

    Do the ‘Sensible’ thing and acquire one now in a size to suit you, pull it over your head revel in eternal ‘Damned-nation’.

  • Dootone Records

    Whew-jamacooja and Bam A Lam! Senoritas and senores everywhere will Whisper Sweet Words Of Pizmotality when they see this stylish tribute to Dootsie Williams’ legendary 1950s Los Angeles imprint.

    Suitable for Wet (and dry) Back Hoppers, Boogie Woogie Teenages and Earth Angels of all shapes and sizes and available in a blue to suit you! 

  • Dore Records

    “People Don’t Look No More” when you walk down the street? Why not ell the word how much you love the the records of Lew Bedell’s long running West Coast label by sporting its logo across your moobs. To wear it is to love it, whatever size you want to wear.  

  • Downey Records

    Downey – Look “Boss” and “Feel Aw’ Right” when you tell the world how much you love Northern California’s Home Of the Hits. We guarantee that you won’t look a “Soulful Jerk” when you wear it to your next instrumental convention, or anywhere else for that matter. The ‘Pipeline’ to purchase is but a few clicks away. Available in any size you wish to wear, unless you’re 28 feet tall and weigh 60 stone.

  • Flip Records

    Have shirt, will wear! You’ll sport “A Casual Look” with our nifty celebration of this small-but-mighty 50s Hollywood imprint. The “Man From Utopia” cleaners guarantee a no-shrink shirt policy, and the girls will Flip over the way you wear it. All sizes fit one…

  • Fraternity Records

    Put some ‘Wham’ in your wardrobe when you wear Cincy’s ‘other’ home of the hits on your chest. You don’t have to be an “All American Boy” to look good in this “Killer”. Available in sizes to suit any and every girth. “Hey Da Da Dow”, go buy one now!