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The Exponential Horn

If you go to the Media Space at London’s Science Museum between now and 27th July you can experience the remarkable sound of the 27 feet long Exponential Horn built in 1929 by R. P. G. Denman, then the museum’s curator. The man behind the restoration is Aleksander Kolkowski, who Damned fans will recognise as the violin player on the alternative version of ‘Anti-Pope’ currently featured on ‘The Chiswick Singles: And Another Thing’. But this is a minor part of his extensive CV and since those heady youthful days Aleks has moved relentlessly into the past whilst creating the most contemporary of music using archaic instruments and recorders long abandoned by others to produce original and at times challenging music. The Exponential Horn fits into this picture perfectly and delivers a unique and spectacular sound impossible to reproduce using more contemporary equipment.

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