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Ace 45th Anniversary Singles

45 and counting.

This year Ace celebrates its 45th anniversary. Singles have always been a vital part of our release schedule and we are marking this with the release of seven limited edition seven-inchers. Collect the set, but be quick. The first three are released at the end of August.

We started spinning at 45rpm in 1975 as Chiswick Records, with the Count Bishops ‘Speedball’ EP, a furious, raucous rant through the R&B canon, channelled through the Stones and Yardbirds. 

Punk Rock was on the horizon as we drew on the local club and pub scene for raw talent. From the off we also issued back catalogue, starting with the great British rock‘n’roll 45 ‘Brand New Cadillac’ by Vince Taylor.

Embracing Punk Rock along the way, we progressed into the 80s as the talent became less raw and more pop. By 1983, we had become more of a catalogue label than a contemporary pop label and the old stuff was issued on Ace Records and subsidiary labels like Kent, Big Beat, BGP and Southbound.

We finally left the pop world to others more in tune with what it had become, as even the nouveau rockers no longer troubled the charts. And just as well we did, or we would not have been able to bring over 5250 records to our discerning, listening public. Among those 549 happily spin at 45rpm.

Selected releases