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We were excited to get a message from Al Jardine today!

"Wow, what a great compilation of Brian Wilson songs! You got my attention right off the bat with this really cool industrial 80’s version of “Do It Again” by Wall of Voodoo and of course, who can’t like the beautiful vocal harmonies of the Bay Area’s Rubinoos on “Heroes and Villains.” I really like Fleetwood Mac’s laidback rendition of “Farmer’s Daughter” too and “The Lonely Sea” by Steve Almaas and Ali Smith, is very moving like the original, which I sang on in 1963! But my favorite song in this entire collection is Darian Sahanaja’s Pet Soundsy version of “I Wanna Pick You Up” from our Love You album. I don’t think I ever paid that much attention to the seemingly-innocent lyrics Brian wrote when Dennis sang them but Darian gives the song a whole new life and the ‘pat pat pat her on her butt’ sequence along with the SMiLE-like ending are exquisitely psychedelicate. Excellent job Ace, I really enjoyed listening to Do It Again!"

Al Jardine

Original founding member of The Beach Boys

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