The Detroit Emeralds

The original nucleus of the Detroit Emeralds was the four Tilmon brothers, who were signed briefly under their family name to Motown in the early 60s without any result. They became the Emeralds and then the Detroit Emeralds and signed to the Ric Tic label where in 1968 they hit with ‘Show Time’. When Ric Tic was bought by Motown they moved to the new Westbound label. With James Mitchell as their new lead voice they had a series of US hits, with ‘Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)’ making the pop Top 30. In the UK, ‘Feel The Need In Me’ became their biggie, charting in 1972 and 1977 in different versions. The group underwent various personnel changes, leading at one point to two groups working the name. Their fine 70s albums remain a testament to their talents.

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