The Rumblers

Named after Link Wray’s hit, the Rumblers’ key line-up came together in Downey, California in 1962. It was here they cut an early single which they took to the owner of Wenzel’s Music store and studio. He was enthused enough to record the group and release their ‘Boss’ single on hisDowneylogo with strong local sales. Picked up by the larger Dot label, the record landed them a Hot 100 hit and a follow-up album. Unusually for the time, the group had two singles, an EP and their album issued in the UK, all of which are now very collectable. Mainly known as an instrumental group, by 1964 they had begun to add some vocals. They developed a reputation for being a tougher and more competent outfit than the majority of their contemporaries, issuing several records under other names which are included on Ace’s two CD collections of their work.

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