Various Artists (Dave Godin)

The “Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasures” series began life 20 years ago. Some music lovers will remember where they were when they first heard the initial CD; it made that sort of impact. The last volume hit the shops thirteen years ago, just in time for Dave to see his final creation before his death – which he knew was imminent.

Dave notated all the sides he considered worthy of inclusion in his series; once some awkward licensing problems are resolved it is likely a final volume will be issued, using mainly Dave’s own words to describe the music. It was his proudest achievement in a life that touched so many issues and people; above all he wanted to promote those recordings.

This is a breathtaking album... An emotional battlefield of raw soul. ★★★★ Q

Dave Godin's selection of prime deep soul cuts is the kind of record that changes lives. Record Collector

This classic and rare soul collection is a gem. Mojo ★★★★

So good that they can save Otis Redding until Track 17.  Uncut ★★★★★

Another magnificent collection. Record Collector

This album is a's magnificent. Blues & Rhythm

One to treasure. Q ★★★★★ 

Twenty-five more reasons to tear out your heart. Mojo ★★★★

Q ★★★★

Music that will forever stir the soul. Uncut ★★★★★ 

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