Various Artists (Dave Godins Deep Soul Treasures)

In 1997, Dave Godin launched his first Deep Soul Treasures CD. Of the genre he had so masterfully identified, Godin noted, "It is certainly the music of the outsider," before adding that this glorious music he had so skilfully hewn from the rich musical landscape of black America, was, "a form of therapy by which we are brought face to face, with the worst thing we think could happen to us but by experiencing it through the artistic metaphor, we learn the lesson..."

Is it any wonder then that in an over-burgeoning compilation market, the Deep Soul anthologies remain the most eagerly awaited of them all? This anticipation should surprise no one. Godin's CD's have not only brought to light dozens of hidden artists, but his selections have been masterful, presenting a music that will never ever pale in time's shadow.

Paolo Hewitt


Reviews of Deep Soul Treasures Vol. 4

“The whole series is incredible. Why Dave Godin didn’t receive a knighthood after instigating this run of classics is one of life’s great mysteries.”  Fred Dellar

“The original Soul evangelist... Dave Godin is a limey R&B archivist you can trust”  Peter Shapiro, “The Rough Guide:100 Essential Soul CDs”

“In the emotional wasteland in which Deep Soul travels, Godin seems to recognise and revere the divinity that resides there... a divinity through which the wrecked spirit can find renewal and transformation... Emotionally this CD could take you to hell, but sometimes that’s the only way to get to heaven.” James Cullinan

“Had the revolution been televised and won, one result would have been that this new volume and the previous three would have been prescribed on the National Health Service to every household in the country”  Chris Hill (DJ and Entrepreneur)

“Remember, nobody ever made a rare soul record on purpose.” Nick Brown (Promoter, Scenesville Club Nights)

“...the best Deep Soul music counts as a pinnacle of western civilisation...” Andy Kemp (Echoes)

“Dave Godin’s fabulous series... spine-tingling performances... Deeply felt, at times downright harrowing...” Charles Spencer (The Spectator)

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