Various Artists (Funk Soul Sisters)

Without wishing to sound sleazy there is something very special about the sound of female funk. Combine a good groove, with a powerful woman’s voice, and it can really get things going. Certainly, the most guaranteed dancefloor grooves in my record box, tend to be what has become known as ‘Sister Funk’. It was with this in mind that we put together the two ‘Funk Soul Sisters’ Compilations.

Each album has twenty of our favourite funk tracks by female artists. As ever we have put together a selection of well-known, sought-after obscure and unreleased numbers guaranteed to give you listening pleasure.  So Honey & the Bees and Martha and the Vandellas join TV Mama Jean and Little Rose Little on one volume. On the other you can find Millie Jackson and Spanky Wilson rubbing shoulders with Paula Lamont and Delilah Moore. Thrilling from start to finish.

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