Various Artists (Northern Souls Classiest Rarities)

The general equation runs something like this: rare, in Northern Soul parlance, is generally qualified by the number of known copies of each 45 being in single figures. Ergo, demand far outstrips supply and the ensuing clamour between the cognoscenti of hardcore collectors & DJs usually creates a price far beyond the means of mere mortals!

In the 70s and 80s it was considered a result just to obtain the desired side on tape which you would swap with other like-minded souls at the Allniters or via the pages of the dedicated soul fanzines. This activity is still prevalent today and it's virtually impossible to put into words the sheer thrill and delight on hearing a quality 'new' side on tape which leaps immediately to the top of your 'wants' list and you spend the next twenty years in the fervent hope that one day you WILL unearth a copy! 

Whilst there can never be a substitute for owning the original 45s (anyone with a spare copy of Dan Folger for sale?!!)...CDs such as these goes a long way in easing and catering for that desire, and all without having to remortgage the house! 


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