Various Artists (Rockin From Coast to Coast)

In the mid-50s, new recordings centres began springing up in the unlikeliest of places as record producers like Sam Phillips in Memphis, Norman Petty in Clovis and Lee Hazlewood in Phoenix began challenging Tin Pan Alley's domination of the pop market.

With Rockin' from Coast to Coast, we set out to capture this mood of upheaval as the record business turned into a playground for would-be Elvises, Little Richards and Jerry Lee Lewises, all determinedly making their ill-judged bids for rock'n'roll glory.

We set ourselves strict standards in the track selection with the emphasis on tough, ass-kickin' rockers which still have the capacity to excite. There aren't any ballads, few chart records , the odd curio and a generous selection of wild and woolly classic, several appearing legitimately, on CD for the first time. If these were old vinyl releases, there'd be circles of sweat beneath the tone arm of the record deck long before the end of side two.

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