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Tony Berrington

Top 10

  1. Last Kind Words – Geeshie Wiley 
  2. Please Stay – The Cryin' Shames
  3. Showdown – Kenny Carter (CDKEND 143) 
  4. With God On Our Side - The Neville Brothers (CDCHD 1278)
  5. Trouble - Foxy (CDKEND 238)
  6. I Shot Mr Lee - The Bobbettes (CDCHD 850)
  7. Soul On Fire - LaVern Baker
  8. Alone & Forsaken - Hank Williams
  9. My Baby's Got Soul - Sugar Pie DeSanto (CDKEND 322)
  10. Bad Motorcycle - The Storey Sisters (CDCHD 1280)

Nottingham-born Tony’s earliest musical memories involved sneaking into his older sister’s bedroom when she was out and playing her 60s singles. ‘Pictures Of Matchstickmen’ and anything by the Troggs were nine year old Tony’s favourites. Contrary to popular belief, his sister’s wardrobe remained unmolested. 

Forest fan Tony has experienced the highs and lows following his beloved team from the San Bernabéu to Cold Blow Lane. A gigging guitarist from the mid-70s to the present day, he has played rockabilly, punk, soul, garage and hillbilly in a procession of bands that were almost famous. 

Tony met all the Rock On crowd through drinking at the legendary Devonshire Arms which during the 80s and 90s was the best pub on the planet. Tony is now warehouse manager at Ace.