• Cosimo Matassa

    16th September 2014


    29th July 2014

    OK, who out there agrees with Ace that the world’s greatest dog-walker, original “Tiger Man” and former oldest living teenager/funkiest man alive Rufus Thomas ought to be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame by now?

    Right, that’s everybody then. So what are we going to do about it?

    Well, fortunately for us we don’t have to do much, as Rufus’ daughter (and friend of Ace) Vaneese is already doing all she can to make it happen. Vaneese has a petition on her website and is asking all lovers of Memphis music to log on and sign that petition. She needs all the signatures she can get, so get your friends to do it too.

    Fine artists they might all be in their own way but if the likes of Heart, Rush and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are in, there’s really no excuse for Rufus not to be – so log on to and add your name to the list right now! 

  • Poretta Soul Festival 2014

    29th July 2014

    And so it came to pass that the Porretta Soul Festival turned 27 years old this July. This wonderful three-day event, held in the small and friendly spa town of Porretta Terme – about an hour south of Bologna on the train – grew from a desire by music mogul and diehard soul fan Graziano Uliani to pay tribute to his own hero, Otis Redding, by bringing some of the finest artists from he American South to Europe and presenting them in the charming surroundings of Porretta. In the years that have gone by since Porretta 1, Graziano has made his dreams – and those of southern soul lovers everywhere – come true time and time again.

  • The Seeds: Pushin' Too Hard Documentary

    8th July 2014

    LOS ANGELES, JULY 7th:  A long form 110+ minute documentary The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard, directed by Neil Norman for GNP Crescendo, is scheduled for debut theatrical release on August 16th 2014. The Egyptian Theater at the American Cinematheque will premiere the movie.

  • The Exponential Horn

    21st May 2014

    If you go to the Media Space at London’s Science Museum between now and 27th July you can experience the remarkable sound of the 27 feet long Exponential Horn built in 1929 by R. P. G. Denman, then the museum’s curator. The man behind the restoration is Aleksander Kolkowski, who Damned fans will recognise as the violin player on the alternative version of ‘Anti-Pope’ currently featured on ‘The Chiswick Singles: And Another Thing’. But this is a minor part of his extensive CV and since those heady youthful days Aleks has moved relentlessly into the past whilst creating the most contemporary of music using archaic instruments and recorders long abandoned by others to produce original and at times challenging music. The Exponential Horn fits into this picture perfectly and delivers a unique and spectacular sound impossible to reproduce using more contemporary equipment.

    You can see and hear this remarkable loudspeaker here:

    Check out Aleks here:

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