• Rough Trade Poll

    6th December 2016

    Thanks to the brilliant Rough Trade for including four of our releases in their year end poll. If you're ever in London (East or West), Nottingham or Brooklyn we strongly recommend visiting one of their great stores.

  • Independent Label Market 26th November

    11th November 2016

    The Independent Label Market will be back at Old Spitalfields Market on Saturday 26th November. We'll be there with a good selection of Ace goodies on offer.

  • Buck Ormsby

    Buck Ormsby

    31st October 2016

    Wailers bass player, Sonics producer and co-founder/owner of Etiquette Records, John "Buck" Ormsby passed away on 29th October,  his 75th birthday. Ace’s Alec Palao mourns the departure of not only a friend, but one of the great rock’n’roll spirits.

  • Porretta Soul Festival 2016

    31st July 2016

    If you’re reading this with no prior knowledge of the Porretta Soul Festival – which is unlikely, as I have been gushing about how good it is pretty much since Ace got its website up and running – you have just missed the 29th edition.  Quite a big ‘miss’ if you are a soul and R&B fan, as the weekend of July 21-23 2016 was exceptional to say the least.

  • Gary Paxton

    18th July 2016

    Gary Sanford Paxton passed away peacefully on the night of July 16th 2016, his wife Vicki Sue at his side. His friend Alec Palao recalls the life of the original rock’n’roll maverick.

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