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    Lonnie Liston Smith

    30th July 2013

    We're pleased to announce that Lonnie Liston Smith will be returning to the UK in August for a full tour. 

    Best known for his 1974 jazz funk classic Expansions, keyboardist Lonnie Liston Smith has played with some of the mightiest artists of our times including Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Art Blakey, Marvin Gaye and countless others. Since emerging from the 60s free jazz scene, Smith has successfully created his own fusion style incorporating jazz, funk and soul.

    This is a rare opportunity to see Lonnie so don't miss out..


    22nd August -Dublin, Ireland

    23rd August - The Pavilion, Cork, Ireland

    24th August - Jazz Cafe, London

    25th August - Camp Soul Festival, Oxford

    26th August - Beat Bar, Leeds

    27th August - 02 ABC Glasgow, Scotland

    28th August - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

    29th August - Band on the Wall, Manchester

    30th August - Colston Hall, Bristol

    31st August - Phoenix Arts Centre Exeter, Devon

    6th September - Dimensions Festival, Croatia.


    (banner photo courtesy Simon Redley)

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    Poretta Soul Festival

    23rd July 2013

    My Name is Tony Rounce and I am a Porrettaholic…

    …Ace’s man on the spot gives you the lowdown on the 2013 edition of the greatest soul music festival in Europe and probably the world.

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    Johnny Moped

    1st July 2013

    "Basically, Johnny Moped" is a new independent feature length documentary produced by Dartmouth Films and Heavenly Films. For more information see their new website here:

    Formed in 1974 by a group of school friends from Croydon, Johnny Moped were the band fronted by, and named after the enigmatic Paul Halford (aka Johnny Moped). By 1977 the group found themselves at the heart of the burgeoning punk scene in London and for a brief moment even looked like contenders.

    'When I first met Johnny, I just thought, this guy is a bundle of frenetic energy; he’s a megastar waiting to happen.’ (Captain Sensible)

    By 1978, after an intense year of activity, the band were completing their first record with Chiswick Records and things were looking promising. But whilst adding the final touches to the record, Johnny - who had recently married - started to become evasive as his mother-in-law exerted pressure on him to leave the group. 'In the end we had to basically kidnap him every time we had a gig or needed to record!' recalled Dave Berk the bands drummer.

    Despite being able to count both Chrissie Hynde and Captain Sensible as past members, success was not to come their way and Johnny Moped are now largely forgotten - punk rock’s great lost band!

    Their story is however a fascinating one that, along with some of the era’s most innovative music deserves to be heard.

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