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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

“Santa Baby, slip a CD under the tree, for me…”

Yes, folks, the Season To Be Jolly is with us once again. The time of year when thoughts turn to peace on Earth, goodwill to all men and an earnest hope that those Elmore James, B.B. King and Fame Records boxed sets you’ve been hoping to own for years will be hanging in a stocking by the fireplace.

How pleasant would it be this Christmas night to slip away to the record room while the other half is watching Kill The Midwife or Strictly Christmas Specials, crack open a cold beer and crank up a seasonal helping of ‘Dust My Broom’ or ‘Sweet Sixteen’?

Who needs mince pies, port and stilton or other sundry filling when you could be gorging yourself on Ace’s Zombies boxed set, or any of our award winning Southern Soul selections? Never mind all that Dasher, Prancer and Vixen caper – bring on Carter, Jackson and Staton with music that’ll do you right all year round.

For anyone who’s stuck for an idea for a Christmas pressie suggestion, for themselves or someone else of similarly exquisite taste, we’ve made a list (and checked it twice to help you decide where to spend your record token money, in the absence of actual record tokens these days. It may be an idea to leave this webpage open and in full view of the other half if there’s been moaning that you’re difficult to buy for. Better you get that Ace T-shirt (or any of the others from our extensive range) you’ve been craving than another lurid escapee from the Val Doonican Christmas cardigan collection.

Do You Hear What I Hear? Is it the Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour 6CD set in a natty slipcase, by any chance?

If it isn’t, I guarantee that those will be your chestnuts roasting on that open fire, Santa Baby…

So, although it’s been said – many times, many ways…


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