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2013 Year End Poll

However you care to slice and dice it, it’s been another astonishingly busy year for all of us here at Ace Towers. Our team of compilers and annotators has toiled unselfishly and unsparingly to come up with a selection of top-drawer releases, with over 130 different projects finding their way from imagination to origination in the past eleven months. As always Ace's releases have embraced an impressive span of genres, and it is fair to say that whatever kind of music you might like, you'll find lots of it in our 2013 schedule.

As usual the case at this time of the year, we’re letting you in on what the Ace workforce has dug the most from this year’s crop of goodies. To make it interesting – and in the expectation that they listen to more than merely their own releases! - we tasked the A&R boys with selecting only one of their own projects to go with four of those of their colleagues.

The Ace collective is again giving you further insight into what else its members like to listen to when they’re not listening to Ace titles, by choosing the one non-Ace release that has tickled their fancies the most over the course of 2013. And finally this year, we’ve invited all and sundry to select an event – musical or otherwise - that has meant something extra special to them personally…

Selected releases