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  • Ace Spotify

    4th June 2020

    While the physical world is in lockdown we're working to meet your listening needs over on Spotify and Deezer.

    Release date: 04/09/2020

    Rationals: Punchy garage and blue eyed soul from the Ann Arbor group that should have ruled the world. (Compiled by Dean Rudland)

    Mirwood: From1965-1968 Mirwood produced the best uptempo Northern Soul dance records, bar none. (Compiled by Dean Rudland)

    Goldwax: The ultimate label where soul and country meshed and made musical magic. (Compiled by Dean Rudland)

    Release date: 13/08/2020

    Funky Blues: The blues never died and in the late 60s and early 70s some of the best musicians mixed in contemporary funk to create an explosive fusion. Here are 24 of the best cuts. (Compiled by Dean Rudland)

    Doo Wop Girls: Female vocal groups from the Golden Age of American Rock’n’Roll. (Compiled by Mick Patrick)

    Millie Jackson: An incisive introduction to one of the greatest soul singers, a snapshot of her finest work recorded for the Spring label. Southern soul deepies, funky dancers and disco grooves.

    Release date: 17/07/2020

    Mellow Cats And Kittens: Cool Cats, Crazy Cats, Top Cats, Hot Cats and Mucho Mellow Cats (and Kittens)! Strictly the Hippest R&B Anywhere. (Compiled by Tony Rounce)

    James Carr: Possibly the greatest voice in Southern Soul with his definitive work. It doesn't get any better than this. (Compiled by Dean Rudland)

    Disco Grooves, Dancefloor Moves: The sound of the dancefloor, from proto-disco moves and the roots of modern dance to full on hands-in-the-air classics. (Compiled by Dean Rudland)

    Release date: 03/07/2020

    Female R&B: Three dozen feisty examples of early 60s female R&B. (Compiled by Mick Patrick)

    Rock'n'Roll: Thirty top-notch rock’n’roll floor-fillers from the 50s, 100% guaranteed to please your ears and treat your feet. (Compiled by Mark Lamarr & Tony Rounce)

    Breaks, Beats and the Birth of Hip Hop: The roots of hip hop taking in block party classics, jazz, funk and other beats. (Compiled by Dean Rudland)

    Release date: 19/06/2020

    R&B: A Playlist that's a Party - the Rockin’est 1950s Rhythm & Blues selection you’ll ever need! (Compiled by Mark Lamarr & Tony Rounce)

    Vocal Groups: An Ace Street Corner Serenade Special! 1950s Black American Vocal Groups, Doo-Woppin’ what they do best. (Compiled by Mark Lamarr & Tony Rounce)

    Teen Pop: Clean-cut pop rockers and teen ballads from the late 50s and early 60s. (Compiled by Mick Patrick)

    Release date: 05/06/2020

    Southern Soul: The sublime Sound Of The Soulful South – Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Miami and more. From deep to dancers, and definitely much more besides! (Compiled by Tony Rounce)

    Sister Soul: Sweet Girls, Deep Girls, Southern Girls, Northern Girls, Funky Girls, 60s Girls, 70s Girls – but always 100% Soul Girls! (Compiled by Tony Rounce)

    Gil Scott-Heron: Politics as art and poetry with cross generational impact.  Gil’s formative work is as relevant today as it was when it was recorded. (Compiled by Dean Rudland)

    Release date: 22/05/2020

    Doo Wop: Rockin’ n rollin’, mambo, strollin’, and some real cool school doo wop from the finest sharp-dressed Californian vocal groups of the 1950s. (Compiled by Roger Armstrong).

    Big City Funk: 'Sunroof top, Diamond In the back..' the sound of a cruise through mid-70s New York, Chicago or LA. Heavy grooves, funky horns and power to the people. Discos are getting started but they're the gritty kind. (Compiled by Dean Rudland).

    Northern Soul: Timeless rhythms from geniuses of black music. Laid down in the 60s but still moving heart and feet today. (Compiled by Ady Croasdell).

    Release date: 08/05/2020

    Funky Soul: Where big city soul meets the club dancefloor. 30 slices of heaven that reminds you that syncopated grooves, slower tempos and harmony vocals really do go together and sound sublime. (Compiled by Dean Rudland).

    Street Funk: Take an ounce of James Brown, a pinch of the Meters, and little more Dyke & The Blazers, then stir well. Real funk for party people, obscure 45s, hidden LP tracks and discoveries from old tape reels. Guaranteed to move your feet. (Compiled by Dean Rudland).

    Surf Instrumentals: Boss instro sounds from the early 60s surf, drag ‘n’ hotrod scene – let there be twangin’ guitars, poundin’ drums and honkin’ saxes! (Compiled by Mick Patrick).

    Release date: 24/04/2020

    Girls with Guitars: A collection of guitar-wielding all-girl bands, drop-dead female frat rock, garage girls and axe-centric she-pop from the 60s. (Compiled by Mick Patrick).

    Where the Girls Are: A cornucopia of heartrending 1960s Girl Group sounds from all corners of the USA. Think castanets, anguished teenage sirens, Svengali-esque producers and mini-sonatas about dreaming, dancing and boyfriends (sometimes deceased). Get the picture? (Compiled by Mick Patrick).

    Mod Jazz: Razor-sharp soulful jazz, Latin beats and a touch of the blues for the ultimate Soho basement party. (Compiled by Dean Rudland).

    Funk Soul Sisters: Heavy funk and breakbeat soul from the coolest singers on the block. (Compiled by Dean Rudland).

    Spiritual Jazz: Progressive jazz for the mind and the soul. These 70s greats help you to find your spiritual centre. (Compiled by Dean Rudland).

    Funky Jazz: Funky organ, blaxploitation themes and acid jazz grooves from the hippest players on the scene. (Compiled by Dean Rudland).


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  • Ace Records History Part 8

    8th January 2016


    As time goes by, so more friends die. This year saw the deaths of two people very close to Ace - not just on a professional level but even more on a personal one.

    Ray Topping died in January, after a long and cruel illness. His emotional connection to vernacular American music could spill over and make him difficult, but his engagement could never be denied. Rarely has anyone pursued a passion with such singularity. That passion was indelibly stamped on Ace Records, running through the company like lettering through a stick of rock. It was Ray who introduced us to the vast wealth of the Modern catalogue and compiled it in depth across LP and CD, a body of work that is his enduring legacy. But he also worked on Starday, Ace US, Combo, Specialty, Duke / Peacock. He put together two fabulous albums of “Jump Blues” from US Decca, one of Old Town blues sides, an Atlantic set that rocked from top to bottom and so, so many others. He had a keen ear for music, matching enthusiasm and boundless interest in his subject to which he brought a great intelligence. Bless him.

  • Ace Records History Part 5

    11th January 2016


    The “Miami Rockabilly” CD finally appeared from the glades, with its tale of a ‘Knocked Out Joint On Mars’ from Buck Trail and Curley Jim with ‘The Rock’n’Roll Itch’ — boy, is he anxious to tell us all about it. Screamin’ rockabilly from the bastard offspring of the Memphis Flash. Well worth the wait. Later in the year, Benny Joy “Crashed The Rockabilly Party” with very distinct versions of the album’s title track and dance hall perennial ‘Spin The Bottle’. The records were originally on Antler, a label owned by Platters manager Buck Ram.

  • Spencer & Percy Wiggins

    12th May 2017

    Memphis Soul Legends fly in for Two Exclusive European Dates in the UK. 

    Saturday 25 November 2017 - London, 100 Club 
    Sunday 26 November 2017 - Manchester, Band On The Wall