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Carey Lander

Carey Lander is keyboardist and backing vocalist in Glasgow band, Camera Obscura who are on 4AD records.


Selected releases

  • Arthur Alexander - “The Greatest

     I think Richard Hawley had something to do with introducing me to Arthur Alexander, as well as many other great records, and it’s become a staunch favourite. I especially love ‘Dream Girl’ and its persuasive delivery, and ‘Detroit City’, whose lyrics plead “I wanna go home, oh how I wanna go home”, thus making it perfect for the ‘Home Time’ playlist I keep on my iPod, used to encourage folk to make a move as closing time dawns in whatever shop or bar I may be working in. (Other hints include Charlie Rich’s demo version of ‘Feel Like Going Home’, and Yo La Tengo’s ‘I Feel Like Going Home’)

  • Ricky Nelson – “Rockin’ With Ricky”

    I occasionally like to tap my miserable toes and for that, I love his versions of ‘Poor Little Fool’ and ‘Move on Down the Line’. After I’m done with those I’m allowed to get back on the sofa and mope to ‘Lonesome Town’.

  • “Feline Groovy”

    I really like cats and sometimes it’s fun to annoy people with cat songs, a little like the way cats sometimes like to come up to you knock all your stuff to the floor. My favourite is probably Eddie & Ernie’s ‘The Cat’ as I love to ponder exactly what moves constitute the dance they describe, other than to “scratch twice”. Bit sad The Vaselines’ ‘Monsterpussy’ isn’t on this compilation though.

  • The Chordettes – “Born To Be With You”

    Sometimes it’s such a relief to stop having to pretend you like modern music or want to go out to noisy concerts. Just make some tea and disappear into another century with the weird choral charm of ‘No Other Arms, No Other Lips’.

  • The Everly Brothers – “Songs Our Daddy Taught Us”

    Obviously all of the Everly Brothers’ classic albums are brilliant, but I have a particular soft spot for this one. Two brothers singing about wrinkly old ladies in rocking chairs shouldn’t really work, but I find the whole album undeniably beautiful and pure.

  • Chris Montez – “Let’s Dance”

     I can’t help loving Chris’ weirdly wonderful voice, and I really like the bleepy farfisas on this record. ‘Tell Me It’s Not Over’ is my sentimental favourite. Always a sucker for the sad ones.

  • Priscilla Paris – “Love, Priscilla”

     I absolutely adore the Paris Sisters. It amazes me that groups like those could ever exist in this world; they are so charmingly un-hip. I was so excited to see Priscilla had made a solo record, obviously not hampered by her hint of a speech impediment, and it has some really great songs on such as ‘Make Believe World’ which definitely steps out of the ultra-cosy confines of the Paris Sisters into slightly more exotic territory.

  • Brenda Lee – “Queen of Rock’n’Roll”

    Awesome rock’n’roll vocals. I particularly enjoy the groove of ‘Here Comes That Feeling’ and ‘Dum Dum’. You may need to be on standby to skip over ‘Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree’, though, depending on your temperament.

  • “Destroy That Boy”

    Sometimes life, or a disco calls for a song or indeed an entire album with this sentiment. Thanks to the What Four for delivering.

  • Big Star – “The Best of Big Star”

    You can’t really live in Glasgow, play in a band and not love Big Star; they have been so hugely influential here. ‘What’s Going Ahn’ gets me in a special way for its dying refrain of “oh no, oh no”.