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Talk about turning the fox loose in the chicken shack!! Turning a music fanatic like me on to this catalogue and saying pick your Top 10, it is agonising. Perhaps if it was only one genre like doo wop it could be done, but between jazz-rockabilly-doo wop-rock and roll-funk-jive-big bands etc I am at a loss, why not ask for my top 100! I am copping out in advance to all who did not make the Top 10 list, by the time you read this I hope my 24 hour a day internet radio outlet of oldies will be running and I can just play most of them and relieve the frustration of the current restriction. Watch this space. I guess it could have been worse, Ace could have said, "Pick one"!! Here is the crème de la crème, songs I can listen to anytime anywhere!



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