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DJ Andy Smith

DJ Andy Smith used to work with Portishead (as tour DJ and sample finder) - Don't anymore! - Released loads of mix CD's since 1998 - The Document 1,2 &3 , The Trojan Document, The Greensleeves Document, Andy Smith's Northern Soul, Diggin' in The BGP Vaults, Freestyle Mix, Jam Up Twist.

Now fairly bored with most new music (most stuff I hear is just made for dreadful US urban radio and I don't much care for it!), yet think within older stuff there is a treasure trove of musical treats to be found (especially 50's & 60's, though I still dig the 70's and early 80's Boogie). Fairly done with Hip Hop as I HATE what it became - may come back to the better older stuff one day?.

Currently DJ every Saturday night at 'Lost & Found' at Madame Jo Jos (with Keb Darge) and do various 'Jam Up Twist' nights around the UK on Fridays (currently 1st Friday at Fluid Bar in Farringdon,London, 2nd Friday at The Clarendon, Leamington Spa & 3rd Friday at The Big Chill Bar, Bristol|).

Enjoy DJing now (not playing anything current!) more than I ever have - More of you should try doing what's in your heart musically - Give me stack of 1950's & 1960's 45's or a pile of disco & doogie 12"s and I'm a happy man - All vinyl still too (in the UK) - Serato abroad - that's why I dont DJ abroad too much these days - I prefer spinning my vinyl in the UK!


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